UFO Sighting in Burbank, California on 2016-10-22 12:39:00 – It was confusing because at first i though it were only balloons, but their movement is wasn’t right

I had just finish recording my girlfriend and somw of her friend doing a sketch, i was walking back home and looked up. then i a plane(comercial) and right infront of the plane little white spheres. at first i thought they were balloons or something like that, but the way they were moving just wasn’t right. they moved loke with the air flow but they also made suddle stops, drops and elevatios that made me realize that it might be an ufo. so i took out my smartphone and shot the video i send you. i was carrying equipment at the time and had to stop and do it again.
i say some bad language in the video sorry i was exited.
after the second video i wanted to call someone to see if they could see it too, but as i took my eyes away they vanished.

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