UFO Sighting in Sanford, North Carolina on 2016-10-24 21:21:00 – Hopping center moving toward downtown sanford. it appeared to be cylinder shaped or missile shaped.

My daughter, her husband and i were in the backyard, when her husband started shouting and pointing up and yelling that there was a ufo in the sky! we all couldn’t believe our eyes. the craft appeared to be very large and was moving slowly and silently across the night sky. it was approximately 9:20 when we saw red blinking lights as we looked west, over the riverburch shopping center. the craft was lower than a commercial plane would have been flying and was about the length of a football field. the width was very narrow, giving it a cylinder shape or missile shape. i couldn’t understand how it could be so long and so narrow, because it seemed like this design would not be strong enough to support its mass or occupants that could have been within. we all had goose bumps. could it be a blimp, a drone, or a space station? we ruled out the later because i had observed the space station earlier last month and its path and size was entirely different. there was a large blinking red light at the front of the craft and one at the rear. the lights blinked in unison. to the left of the craft there was a red light which was also blinking, and after about 5 blinks it would turn green and then it would go back to blinking red. this light did not appear to be attached. could it have been a much smaller craft,guarding the larger one? there was another light exactly like this to the right of the craft.
there was absolute silence. we lost sight as it went behind a tree,so we moved to the side yard facing east. then it moved behind another tree,so we moved to the front yard, just as the craft moved to far away to be seen any longer. from start to finish, the entire observation lasted about 6 or 7 minutes. the craft moved off in the direction of lillington,nc. we tried to take pictures with a smart phone,but we couldn’t see the lights or anything. the screen just appeared black. so now all we have is this eyewitness account. we would love for someone to say they saw it too and could tell us what this was.

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