UFO Sighting in Bullhead City, Arizona on 2016-10-25 00:00:00 – Went outdoors shortly after nine to feed outdoor feral animals. while i was in the back heard terrible nosies and coming out front saw bright orb in sky.

Was out doors feeding feral animals in back yard sometime after nine p.M. was talking to them as i fed them and heard a noise in the sky somewhere in the sky above which sounded mixed between metal screeching or tearing and mixed with something breaking the sound barrier. it happened twice, the second time i didn’t continue to ignore it and went out front to see a bright orb in the sky just to the south west over the nevada desert. while i didn’t have my glasses on i could see sparkles emanating from the object which at that time i couldn’t tell rather it was coming towards me or away from me.
i watched it for about five minutes before i decided to go into the house and get my cell phone to record it.
by the time i got back out doors it had stopped making nosies and sparkling. could be it had just traveled further than my hearing could hear.
i began a two minute recording above the buildings to my west.
the slightly orange square in the lower part of the screed is one of my neighbors bathroom windows.
as you can see it remained in the sky for some time.
i recorded only two minutes of it and since it wasn’t behaving erratic, meaning making noises or sparkles i decided not to record anymore.
the internet didn’t show any other sightings for about an hour, but the odd thing is that their sighting didn’t seem to fit the direction mine did.
if it was a rocket coming into the atmosphere, that would explain the metallic noise but only if it was close enough to be heard if it was breaking up and it didn’t appear to be that close.
still have no idea what it was but as you can see, the colorado river is directly before me and the orb was directly south west and heading west.
in the internet articles they reported it crossing the sky across las vegas, so this either turned northwards about a hundred miles or they were two objects in the sky.
the other reports came in from phoenix and that one would have been in alignment to the one i saw if it was heading west but again the videos of the one in phoenix appear to show an object not like mine, heading north west, not south west.
who knows??

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