UFO Sighting in Lansing, Michigan on 2016-10-25 03:43:00 – Being next to an airport i am very aware of incoming and outgoing airplanes but this “thing” just appeared in the sky too high to be landing at the nearby airport and too low to land in detroit that’s approximately 120 miles away.

5177490344 the glowing sphere-like object appeared out of nowhere in the sky approximately southwest of the above location. there is an airport nearby but, i’ve lived here my entire 43 years and am very aware of airplanes coming and going. my mother was also with me when we witnessed this at 3:43 am on october 25, 2016. i looked at my phone as i was talking to my mother and we were looking at orion and triangulum, with we do every night being on the graveyard shift. an airplane had just come by ready to land at the nearby airport and this light just appeared and was moving in the same direction, east, as the airport. the difference was that this thing was much higher and moving at lest twice as fast as the airplane that just came through. there were no signaling lights on it like an airplane and it left a gold trail behind it. i truly have no idea wtf we saw but it wasn’t like any airplane we’ve seen in our 40 years here.

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