UFO Sighting in California on 2014-12-17 00:00:00 – Green meteor shooting star

I saw a green glowing meteor fall in the fields of fruit and vegetation and out of the no were 5 lights go up from where it landed orange lights and start going to the side mountain of my house it happened around 9. &it continued for a whole month at the same time same routine and move around slowly as to be helicopters but quitly. and just be all around this area. what’s up with all that shit i knw the government is a step ahead of us in that and knows all this shit before it even gets here but what’s up come talk to me i’m 100 %sure alians exist and not the immigrant alians. if this reports real get back at me. i got to show people to so there’s no excuses here in watsonville the home of the strawberries i’m a gangster mexican and i don’t have no reason to lie.

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