UFO Sighting in Golden, Colorado on 2016-10-17 19:57:00 – Speck of light moving haphazardly and then slowly disappears.

As i walking down the road with my drink and grocery bag, a speck of light just zipped through the night sky and this just caught my attention and then it started to move in a haphazard, wavy manner and it was then i pulled out my phone to film this incident. the video i filmed is a little shaky and i might have missed out on few details when i was putting down my grocery bag. but then, i just caught an interesting phenomena, the speck of light slowly and steadily disappears into thin air and this was the end of the weird event. please find a video along with this information.

the object disappears somewhere in near 30 seconds of the video and rest is just the night sky. there was a time when i had to put down my grocery bag during filming and phone missed few moments of the behavior.

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