UFO Sighting in McAllen, Texas on 2015-10-14 21:10:00 – High altitude single white light making flying in a large circle pattern – no strobes or sound

I stepped out of my apartment at approximately 9pm and noticed a single white light near the horizon (sxse) – about 30 deg. i noticed the object was very slow moving because i could see two stars behind it in the background. i didn’t pay a great deal of attention to the object at first because i’m quite familiar with the air traffic in the area, particularly the frequent border patrol helicopters and the international flight traffic.

however, about 5 minutes later (after retrieving a few things from my truck) i noticed the object had moved a little closer and was easier to view (by this time the object was at about 45 from the horizon. this time i noticed because (despite appearing at a high altitude) i could clearly see the light and there was no strobe what-so-ever. i pulled out my phone and began recording the object.

i observed that he object was moving slower than a normal aircraft. during the entire time i kept looking for the strobe or even the silhouette of the aircraft. no once did i see any strobe nor could i see a silhouette of the object.

the object was not traveling in a straight line. it was making a large circle. i observed this object for at least a half hour or more. i observed the object make at least 3 large circles. my best estimation is this object made a circle of at least a 5-7 mile radius. i shot a pretty good video of this object for a considerable amount of time and the object never seemed to deviate from it’s circular path. i eventually had to go inside because the mosquitos were eating me alive!!!

a few things you should know about me…
as a uscg vet i’m a trained observer.
as a former private investigator, i’m a trained observer.
i’m very well versed in all forms of aircraft from civialian to military, and even drone tech.
i’ve been flying radio controlled aircraft for 20 years.
i’m a certified contest director with the american modelers academy – i know drones!!!
i’m a drone pilot instructor!

while i cannot identify what i saw, i do know it wasn’t a registered aircraft. it had no silhouette, it produced no noise, it had no strobes. it couldn’t be a civil drone as it’s flight time was too long and it’s flight path and height was much too distant . i seriously doubt this was a military drone because the border patrol doesn’t illuminate their night drones (i’ve seen the border patrol drones at night (juxtaposed against the moon).

another note… i went on youtube on several occasions and discovered that i’m not the only person to object and record this type of object. it seems this type of object and event is a fairly common occurrence in hidalgo county.
i have several videos of this object (all sequential) and i’m uploading the primary one for now. i can upload the rest at your request.

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