UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on 2016-10-25 23:10:00 – I thought it was a plane on fire at first, as it traveled it no longer looked loke flames but multi-colored lights.

I came out of work, looked in the sky as a massive object that looked like flames. i thought it was a plane that was fully engulfed in flames at first but then as it traveled it seemed to hone in the flames and looked more like a pulsating light. there was no sound at all like when a plane normally flies by. at one point, off in the distance it appeared to stop and hover in one place then as a real plane came from another direction it disapeared into a cloud. the real plane made sound and looked completely different than the lights observed. — when i first came outside it looked like fire in the sky. i was late getting my phone out to record with because indidn’t think about it at first, i was just in awe, observing it. then i finally did get some footage of it in the distance.

you can read more about it at www.Beyondthecircle.Net which is my website.

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