UFO Sighting in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania on 2006-08-17 00:00:00 – Came in like a meteor thenacross like a small plain speeds up stopes hovers jumps up and across hovers jumpes up and to right hovers drops and back hard right and leaves like a meteor tree top level this is one of many sightings i have had over the years

Standing on deck looked like a meteor . came down like a meteor seemed to be looking at the paper mill came along the waterway to the pond the speed of a small plane speeds up stop and hovers jumps up and to right vary quick hovers again jumps up and to the right again and hovers it was doing this because of the tree tops seems to be looking at the paper mill that is all lit up at that time drops some goes back to left makes hard right turn and away from me like a meteor white lights when moving red when hovering just one of many sightings i have had pos. abductions from 5 yr till now but do not recall them scars scoop marks missing time mufon will to get a hold of me to give them more on these i have so many more /

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