UFO Sighting in Carthage, Texas on 2016-10-16 19:30:00 – White light just about treeline that flashed red and green. observed for approx 20 min. completely still to naked eye.

On 16 october 2016 i saw a white light in the sky just above the treeline about due west. this occurred at just before 7:30 pm. i had put out halloween decorations the day before including some lights and i had gone outside to check the lights because one string had a short. this light caught my attention immediately as i turned the corner because it was very bright and considerably larger compared to the observable stars and seemed to my naked eye to be “blinking” just a bit. i watched it for a few minutes then i went back into the house to get my iphone to attempt to photograph it and tell some members of my family to come see it. i went out the back of the house the second time and when i got to a place where i could see the light again, it suddenly went completely black and then almost immediately came back on. i went back into the house to again tell family members they needed to come see this. i went out the east side of the house (where i had come out the first time when i first saw it) and could still see it clearly. my mother came out behind me and i pointed it out to her. my sister also came out and saw it. they went back into the house and i continued to watch. i then realized the blinking effect was a slight change from red to green then back with the light still being a white light overall. the light never moved as far as i could tell. i did capture a few moments of video on my iphone. on video the light was very dim, but seemed to move, while the streetlight (the only other thing visible in the video) was still. i was shocked by this since the thing was in the same place the whole time i observed it. i eventually went back in and was informed by my mother that she went to look again and it was gone. i thought maybe i was seeing mars or some other planet so went back the next night at the same time to see if it was there and nothing was there.

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