UFO Sighting in Huntington Beach, California on 2016-10-16 03:00:00 – Walking down a dirt road and came upon 2 entities that made me blackout

I actually think i have been getting abducted my whole life. i am 23 years old and things started getting weird when i was 7. they always happened in different ways, when im sleeping, or hlaying in bed or driving in car.
this past time i was sleeping and i thought it was a dream but waking up i was so panicked im pretty sure it wasnt.
i knew right away they werent human because they had cricket faces with these tall muscular bodies and strange jumpsuits. the only way i could describe them was these metallic light light rose gold almost leather type material(but it wasn’t) with an assortment of zippers and buttons (but they werent that they just looked like that but they weren’t from this earth)
i was walking down a dirt road and they were still talking among themselves but i didn’t have enough time to run so i just laid myself down like a rug and buried my face in the dirt. i was so terrified and confused i just wanted to disappear.
they just walked up to me and one crouched over me and then i blacked out.
i seem to have these 2 perfectly round scoop marks that appeared on my back right calf leg.
i have encountered lost time, sleep paralysis, encountered lights in the skies, humming noises, sleep problems, medical problems, crazy electronic malfunctions, and a couple other symptoms. my problems with technology have gotten so bad that i actually have to get a new phone once a month since they keep breaking.
ever since i was little only my room would get blackouts [except for when i was home alone then the whole house would get blackouts] it actually became such a regular occurrence i thought it was normal. the tv would never turn on the channel i turned it off on. i got this weird perfectly round puddle of water that appeared on my bed. i had something scratch the hell out of to the point that i was bleeding. lights always turn off when i go near them or take a while to turn on. i have always had incredible intuition too which seems to be connected with abductions. and strangest of all my boyfriend and i were almost completely sure i was pregnant 3 separate times, i had all the signs, symptoms and belly but then over night i wasn’t anymore!
another time my friend and i were driving down the freeway when we observed a lot of lights in the skies that were all different sizes about 3 groups large lights that looked like helicopters almost and medium and small lights that looked like stars and they started doing some crazy things. they would group up from largest to smallest in a straight light then they would get all mixed up and one would fly in front of the other covering it up. we experienced lost time, what should’ve been a 20 minute drive turned into an hour long trip.

for years now i have been having these horrific nightmares were i was with this big group of people we were standing on the beach and looking at the sky expecting like something to come to us. then these lights appeared almost like a milky way and then all of a sudden im up in space in a space ship(i think) i just remember gray walls almost like how space mountain at disneyland looked! i couldve sworn i remember seeing a control room area i dunno. but then the dreams turned horrifying these lasted for months and they were always slightly different but i was running through these black halls almost like a dark parking garage trying to escape monsters with a bunch of other people as well. and also just living in the space ship i think it was almost like a spacey hotel. the dreams are all mixed together but if you put them in sequence its like i lived there for a bit fine then things turned bad but they could just be dreams.
what panics me though is these scoop mark indentations. i have been researching other abduction marks and these look like them.You can very obviously feel the perfectly round indentations and there was absolutely no blood or damage when they appeared. something is wrong and i really need your help.

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