UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on 2015-01-17 02:11:00 – We then observed 3 orange lights moving slowly across the sky above us, a police helicopter circled the final one before it, too, disappeared.

My friend and i were waiting in my car for my other friend to arrive to his home in camelback east village. we had been waiting for a while, and i’d fallen asleep. i woke up because my friend was saying, “dude, wake up!” we then observed 3 orange lights moving slowly across the sky above us. they actually looked like box-shaped chinese paper lanterns, except that the fire was on top instead of underneath. the 3 of them moved slowly from east to west above us. then a police chopper came onto the scene, pursuing them. 2 of them seemed to sort of just disappear, and the chopper circled the third one, until it, too, just sort of disappeared.

about an hour later, after sitting in the car, still waiting for our other friend, i woke up again. a guy had set fire to his car. it quickly engulfed the entire parking structure in flames. the gas tank exploding and popping, and car alarms going off. we called the fire department, and they quickly arrived and put the fire out.

it was a very strange evening. a couple weeks ago, i was talking with another friend about this incident. he, too, had seen at some point, similar ufos in phoenix that he said were exactly as i described mine. i am wondering if anyone else has seen these.


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