UFO Sighting in Ridgely, Tennessee on 2016-10-28 01:45:00 – Multiple event, been watching almost nightly for 2mos.You walk outside my home look up and they’ll be there and tonight i counted 16 and a few of these have satilite smaller only red orbs up to 7 ea per craft.

Let me say that our family has joked about the ufos here in the area were i live and most of the faily has at least seen a few over the years. whats been going on is no joke and it has scared me and thats not normal.The 1st time i will say that this event occurredwas in early aug. had a few freinds over for cards, and wet out to enjoy the night and at first i thought aw its just a plane or …And then it stats multiple objects moving randomly throughout the se e sky. so i asked a buddy hey man are u seein this and he looked for a sec and turned white with fear, wonder, amazement, and asked why i did’nt say any thing and i shrugged and said who’ll believe me besides there here all the time if they can’t find “them” with all that stuff they have they are not lookin.] [i’ve been seein different thngs almost nightly sometimes they scare me other nights they will not and seem to be playin or doing stuff just for my amusement. most nights they will be very high and all over the sky. some nights they will be in one area and i get the feelin they’re workin. i could go on and on and should add here most nights there will be what appears to be shooting stars almost 3 a min for sometimes several hrs at a streatch, i know they’re not starsand get the feelin they are others attached to same group movin out. i’ve called friends and had them drive over a half hr drive and when they get here they’d say where were they and i’ll say the same thing i’ll tell you just walk outside and look up. please i don’t make a good witness, but i’m smart and knowledgeable about many things and i know this is not a dream,to many people have seen things. i’m not drunk or high and haven’t been during this time, so i invite you walk outsside and look up. then we’ll talk. i challenge you and your org. to ask the military, faa, nasa, hell pick a acronymand tell to come see. lookin foward to meeting you. sir this is as scared as i’ve ever been in my life, this is not a joke, this is real and its not of this earth

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