UFO Sighting in Dayton, Ohio on 2016-10-29 23:19:00 – Bright orange object – travelling west to east – hovering then changing to north by northeast path

At 23:19 est, my wife had taken the dog out. she immediately yelled for me and when i made it out to the porch, i saw and object just coming into view from the side of the house. it was heading due east from the west. it looked to be the size of a commercial aircraft as seen during a descent for landing. this is weird (well…That goes without saying) but it looked like an airplane that was totally engulfed in flames. it looked to be tapered at the front and have a high rudder-like tail like a commercial airplane. my wife stated later that it was brilliant white when she first saw it and that it had lessened to the flamelike orange that i had seen. i yelled for my son to grab his phone to take video of the object. it headed slowly due east and then it started canting to the north, hovering for a moment. it then headed north by northeast and hovered for a longer amount of time before dimming for a moment. it grew in brightness and headed in a more easterly direction before hovering once again. when it began moving again, it looked as if it was heading back westward, directly toward our location. it then resumed an easterly course and started lowering in altitude before dimming so much that it was barely perceptible. if i was to hazard a guess as to its location during descent, i would place it somewhere around the needmore rd./n. dixie dr. area, but that is only a guess since i really couldn’t fully determine its size. another odd thing is that what i saw, which was an object that was bright orange, appears to be rapidly changing colors in all manner of patterns and colors.
please forgive the crappiness of the video. it is with a cell phone. i enlarged the video, slowed it down by 50% and tried to keep it in frame as much as possible. i did not use any filters or anything else. i have the original video if someone has better equipment/experience with this type of editing.

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