Black Triangle Sighting in Roscommon, Michigan on 2016-10-30 22:01:00 – Black triangle near camp grayling

First, i am a military veteran who has had training and experience with estimating distances, vehicle sizes, etc.

i was traveling south bound on interstate 75 near camp grayling when i noticed a large, but low set of lights (green and red, west/east respectively) on the horizon (at this distance it was approximately 20-25 degrees from the horizon). after getting a mile or so closer i gave it more attention as i thought it was an aircraft landing at camp grayling, or one possibly training. another mile or so closer, and i remarked to my self that it hasn’t changed altitude, and now i could see an alternating set of strobe lights blinking. i again thought to my self that maybe it was a helicopter. as i closed the final mile between my self and the craft i began to get a better sense of its size as the gap between the red and green lights grew. it was as large, if not larger than a ch47 chinook (the reason for the 2 sizes specified, this craft did not change size). also another light became visible, a solid white light. just as i was within the last 100 meters to the object i still could not identify what it was against the night sky. i slowed the car a few mph and rolled the window down. the craft was directly over the north bound lanes of i75 and approximately 500 meters north of highway old 76. as i passed underneath, yet another light became visible, but this one was much smaller than the 3 corner lights, larger than the strobe lights, but was much dimmer, a clear, crisp border to the craft could be seen as it was darker than the night sky (conditions were clear and unlimited). unbelievably it was a triangle. the lights again from a distance appeared to be red and green, when i was directly under the craft the color was closer to red-orange, and blue-green. the white light that did not strobe was located on the “point” of the triangle facing south, bluegreen was west, redorange was east. the alternating strobe lights were located between the dim center white light and the two flanking lights, oriented east east west. the corner lights also appeared to be “fuzzy” or have an “aurora” to them. estimate of its altitude would be between 125-200 meters. seeing all this made me do a double take from the shock of what was a hovering craft in a shape and configuration so unfamiliar. approximately 100 meters past (south) of the object i lost sight of it. followed quickly by the exit sign for old 76 (exit 244) as i realized what i had seen i began taking notes of all pertinent data, including time (10:01 was when i began taking notes), size, altitude, the color and orientation of the lights as well.

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