UFO Sighting in Mexicali, Baja California on 2016-10-30 02:30:00 – Like a star, shiny, flie like movement

I was with my friend watching the skies and talking about our stuff when we realize that it was a star in the sky doing really weird movements. our description about the movements was like a bug jumping or a moskito flying. we stared at the object because it was like a star but it was shiniest than the other ones and the light of the object had reflections. i thought that it was a star of course because it was close to a constellation. we stared at it and them, it started to moving, we thought that it was an illusion but we were seeing the same movements during 2 hours. in that sky area is a usual plane area but the movement of the object was totally different and irregular. like a non- physical moving.

the object looked as a star but it had like a tiny blue lights in every side. the object had a boomerang form. our reaction were shocking at the beginning but them we started to try to understand what the object was and try to understand the moving. the light didn’t move from that area when we left the place.

i tried to make a video recording but i didn’t have my camera with me. i work in the vfx industry and i use to see ufo’s videos and i know this wasn’t a bug or an illusion and that’s the reason why i didn’t made a video, because i prefered to write something here than try to upload a shitty video without real information.

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