Black Triangle Sighting in Orem, Utah on 2016-09-30 21:00:00 – Black triangle, lights on edges, hovered and ascended vertically, began to move over houses then disappeared. 2 witnesses, left scared.

My son and his friend were walking up center street hill when the saw a low hovering large (he estimated 100+ ft across) black triangle. it had lights on the corners and was black. he could see some detail of the surface, appeared metallic. his first impression was that it was a plane about to crash because he couldn’t compute an object that large being that low to the ground. but then it began to ascend slowly and reached a level of approximately 2-3 telephone poles. then it began to move slowly over a neighborhood. they started to give chase but then it seemed to vanish. my son came home pretty shook up, wanting answers. he’s very analytical about it. we looked images of black triangles up on line afterward. he said it was a good match to the images but it didn’t have a light in the middle like many report. it only had lights on the 3 points. he also said it made a noise, not like and airplane or helicopter, but was audible, like a low buzz (in contrast to some reports that they’re silent). we’d love to know if anyone else saw it. it was either sept 30 or oct 6. interestingly my brother and his wife saw a very similar black triangle 20 or so years before not far from this same spot.

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