UFO Sighting in Isfahan, Isfahan Province on 2016-10-24 03:30:00 – Tall grey aliens and boxed jellyfish type appeared in the bed room

I am the national director for iran and speak fluent farsi and i took the report from the witness by calling her home number in isfahan iran.

the witness is a 45 year old woman, married with two sons. her husband travels a lot and is not always home during the week. her sons are ages 17 and 18.
her oldest son was the one that spoke english and reported the incident to mufon.

on october 27th i was assigned this case by the ceo of mufon and was given the witness phone number in iran which i called. i spoke with the witness herself for about 17 minutes.

she stated the following:
it was 7 years ago when the witness had her first experience.
– things around the house started moving and hovering in the air.
once she had made dinner in the kitchen and her husband was taking a shower. she walked into the kitchen and her dinner still int he pan was hovering in the air. she screamed and ran tot he bathroom and asked her husband to quickly come and see this site. her husband didn’t believe that could be possible so he ran outside and the dinner had crashed into the ground. they both just stood there and watched their dinner smashed to the ground. friends told her that perhaps their house was hunted but she never felt that was true.

– she saw 7 or 8 orbs of many colors (colors of rainbow)started appearing and hovering in the air, inside the house.

-about 6 years ago, her husband was not home and she was all alone int he house with her sons. the witness had her first encounter with the non-earth beings.
she first heard sounds that seemed to be a humming and then louder sound. it appeared that she had to tune in to the vibration or some type of frequency of that sound that always woke her up and made her aware that something was there or getting close. from that first time she always heard the sound first.
two tall beings skinny and looked like wearing silver astronaut clothes. their eyes were big and black and she noticed that there was a light that kept switching off and on and kept staying on as if they were videotaping wherever they looked.
the witness asked them who they were but they just looked at her. she felt no fear. the next day she would completely forget her experience from the previous night.

– her visitations continued to twice a month.
-once she asked her husband if he saw the being who just was in the room because she thought maybe she was dreaming but he said that he saw it too.

-once she saw someone in the corner of her bedroom dressed in white/silver clothes and a hat with glass in front. he looked like a soldier. he started walking from her bedroom toward her sons bedroom. the witness decided to follow him but to her it felt like it was taking a long time- maybe hours. everything slowed down for her as she passed the hallway and she could see details of things as she passed by them.
the being went to he front yard and witness stayed behind the window. hours had gone by and she was gone for about an hour and half. missing time she can’t account for.
the next day she noticed that she had a scar that went from her belly button all the way to her chest. (photo is included.) the scar is now light after so many years.
she went to the doctor and examined and he said that it was nothing. no x-rays were taken. it was just a simple exam. she also started having scars on her face that would not go away. even after going to the dermatologist.

-few nights ago on october 24th witness heard a sound again. she knew something was coming for her again. she woke up feeling a pressure against her chest. she said out-loud what is going on? she slapped herself in the face making sure she was completely awake and that she was not dreaming.
that’s when she saw what looked like a boxed jelly fish with lots of short legs, half blue and half red on her stomach. it looked like a sea creature. it was right on top of her and then it got up and sat on the floor.
then disappeared after a few minutes. the next day she saw a scar few inches long on her abdomen ( photo attached). it has been itching and burning from inside out. witness is very worried. i told her that she needs to get x-rays right away, draw a sketch of the beings in her room as well as the jelly fish looking creature and take more photos of the scars.

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