UFO Sighting in Somerville, Victoria on 1986-04-16 00:00:00 – Orb at the bottom of our bed.

I woke up approx dawn, and sat upright in bed. at the bottom of which was an oval shape filled with a gaseous/smoke approx 4ft x 3ft. inside this oval shape was what i can only describe as looking like a mirror ball only stationary but with the reflection of colours ranging from white to silver, light grey, pale blue pulsing in and out. the orb was reasonably bright but did not light up the room (i new it must have been near dawn as i could make out the faint outlines of things in the room). thinking i had something in my eyes i rubbed them then when that didnt work pulled my top eyelids over my eyes to dislodge anything that may have been in my eyes ( maybe an old wives tale) but that didnt work either the orb was still there. then for some reason just laid back down to sleep .The vision would have lasted no more than about 30sec. when i woke up in the morning about 2-3 hours later i remembered nothing of what i had seen.

apprx 2-3 days later just as i was about to leave for work my wife said that she had something unusual to tell me and that she had seen something strange.That is when my experience came back to me.I told her not to say anything else and that i would talk to her about it when i got back home but that i think i know what she meant. when i arrived back home that evening straightaway i told her not to say a thing but to follow me, wherase i led her to the bedroom and said right here gesturing to the bottom of the bed while making an oval shape with my hands. she said exactly and told me that she had woken up and had seen this oval shaped gaseous thing.
we thought about what it might have been but excluded everything we could, even went to a catholic priest to perform an exorcism. the priest went through all sorts of rubbish and wasnt helpful at all. not long after we moved house.
my wife has (and still is)reluctant to talk about the experience.It was only about 3-4 years ago that i found out that she did not see an orb in the gas but that she saw a shape inside it or the gas made a shape. being scared she put her head under the blanket and said a few hail-marys(she is not religeous either)and when she looked out the vision had gone.

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