UFO Sighting in Montgomery, Alabama on 2016-10-13 06:30:00 – Turned to see large spere like blue / hurling toward me @ 6:30 am flew past and ejected glowing pod which ignited and flew off

On an overnight stop in montegomery al.At the la quinta inn on carmichael rd./street? the morning of oct.13 while walking my dogs in the parking lot at aprox.6:30 a.M. i turned suddenly to see a beautiful glowing turquoise blue pulsating sphere hurling from the south east in my direction. i was rooted to the spot and watched as it passed me at a very high elevation heading south west toward the horizon, it seem to pause for a slit second as it ejected a gold/ glowing pod shaped object. the pod emitted a flame from the bottom and shot off at a great speed. at about the same time the beautiful blue craft? disappeared over the horizon.
i waited for at least five minutes to see if they would come back or if any similar objects were perhaps following behind.
this shade of blue was like nothing from earth. i have however observed it on sightings of very large craft comming over the i-10 near the micho plant in the late 1960s.(whole other story) i have through my lifetime had several sighting hardly ever a duplicate.I would give my eye teeth to see this blue craft again. i can truly say it was one of the most beautiful things i have ever had the plesure of seeing. i am still puzzled as to what made me turn and look up into the sky. there was no sound emitting from this craft, the only other sound was morning rush hr. traffic and wasn’t very loud.

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