Alien Encounter in London, Alaska on 2001-05-06 00:00:00 – Very bright light then get to car realise 5 hours lost

Me and a friend were night fishing when i said we ant catching anything let’s go home i looked at my watch it was 11.30pm we started to pack our stuff when all of a sudden there was a bright light that was everywhere i looked around and couldn’t see any colours everything looked like a exray black and white it only seemed to last about 30 seconds or so then it was like someone had turned a light of the car was only 100 yards down the track we were scared and got back to the car sharpish i was driving us back home when i looked at the clock in my car it was 5.30am we seem to have lost 5 hours or so i could do with been put into hypnotherapy to see what happened to us . could someone contact me to talk about this as this is the first time i’ve told my story to any1 thanks

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