UFO Sighting in Warrenton, Virginia on 1992-04-10 00:00:00 – Saw lights over house and trees, lights began to move, realized this was unusual.

I was driving home from sperryville late one night when i looked rounded a curve and looked up and saw a house on a hill with the trees behind the house all lit up. i thought they were having a big party. as i went down the hill and closer to the house i saw the lights slowly move from the top of the trees to the field across the road. my first thought was that the people are losing their lights then i saw that the house was now completely dark. i saw the light had the shape of a cigar that my uncle used to smoke. i noticed that two cars and a truck were on the opposite side of the highway also stopped in the road obviously watching this light. i realized i needed to pull my car off to the side of the road in case someone came along. at that point it occurred to me that this light might be a ufo so i tried to remember everything i’d ever heard about them. first of all i had to make sure i was awake so i pinched myself then slapped myself as hard as i could, yes, i was awake! next, i turned the radio off then back on, no problem. next, i hesitated but i turned the engine off then tried to turn it back on, if it was really a ufo it probably wouldn’t turn back on so i was afraid, it turned back on, no problem. i was a little disappointed but even more confused, what was this thing? i sat and watched it for another minute or so then i got out of the car. i stood in front of the car and looked at the big blue light hovering about 100 yards from me when it started answering my questions. after another few minutes it told me they had to leave but they would be back one day but it would be a long time since they had a long way to go. then they told me to watch and not to even blink. i watched while the blue light rose straight up several hundred feet, stopped for a few seconds then took off and was out of sight within a couple of seconds.

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