UFO Sighting in Melbourne Beach, Florida on 2012-07-15 20:00:00 – 2 lights emerged from and retreated into cloud bank

My family and my in-laws went on vacation to the east coast of florida in july of 2012. we had just arrived at our vacation house in south melbourne beach, and after unpacking, we all went out to the pool deck overlooking the beach to look at the ocean. it was at dusk, the sky was overcast, and the wind was blowing from the east pretty briskly (10 to 20 mph?).

there was a cloud bank about 30 degrees above the horizon due east of our location, and we saw a bright light emerge from it. it was difficult to tell if the object moved out of the cloud or the cloud retreated from the object, but the light emerged from the cloud gradually (over 3 seconds or so) – it didn’t just appear. however, there was no apparent movement. it was also tough to guess its altitude or distance, but i would guess it was 1 to 3 miles away.

we thought it was an airplane landing light or a military flare, but it remained completely stationary. at some point i thought it might be a helicopter hovering over the ocean with its landing light on, but the wind was blowing directly from the east and we heard nothing except the waves breaking, and the light did not move at all. i believe that if it was a helicopter, we would have heard its rotor noise, and the light would have some movement because of the wind.

then, after approximately 2 minutes, another light came into view, just below, to the right and about a hand’s width away from the first. it also appeared gradually and was completely stationary.

we stood looking at these two silent, completely stationary lights, and discussing what we thought they could be. it was somewhat eerie, and my daughter, 9 years old at the time, started getting scared and wanted to go back inside.

then, after a couple of minutes, the first light appeared to move back into the cloud bank and was no longer visible. the second light remained stationary for another couple of minutes, then it too disappeared.

the time interval between the second light appearing and the first light disappearing seemed to be equal.

the remarkable thing about these two lights were their complete lack of movement. i have seen parachute flares over the ocean, and you can clearly see them descending, and airplanes and helicopters are easily discerned after just a few seconds due to their movement. these things never moved an inch.

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