Black Triangle Sighting in Hominy, Oklahoma on 2016-10-29 00:00:00 – Large, black, triangular with x3 red light on each end of triangle.

It was about 1am and my friend and i were leaving the hominy osage casino on hwy 99 northbound towards pawhuska, ok. i was driving and we hadn’t driven many miles. i was looking out my window towards the west and that’s when i saw the large object. as i stated before in the above report, it was just hovering. i told my friend to look, and we both said “wth is that?” we drove on a bit and i said i was tired, so we stopped at some ramshackle appearing old bar and switched so she could drive. when i looked behind me i could see the 3 red lights on the east side of the highway, so it had moved to the other side of the highway but we never looked back until this point. then we drove on to my friend’s house in bartlesville, ok. neither of us drink alcohol by the way.

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