UFO Sighting in Denham Springs, Louisiana on 2011-01-30 00:00:00 – Worm hole with ship entering and both disappear,over ligo in livingston par. louisiana

My dog woke me to go out about 2am,i walked with him into my back yard,i had flashlight it was off,facing east i saw a light that caused me to look up.In the night sky,no clouds,i saw a very colorful,spining wormhole in the ne sky.I observed for approx. 30 seconds,a bright object flew into the open end of the wormhole and both disappeared.I wrote down time and date,only to have misplaced the old calender.I investagated on google earth and found the gov. facility ligo.The wormhole was directly above this facility.Ligo is a bout 10-15 miles ne of my home,the wormhole was was in that direction and looked to be directly over ligo,gov facility.

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