UFO Sighting in Lakeland, Florida on 2014-09-10 14:45:00 – A small green object, that was moving in a unusual way

On september 10 2014 approximately about 2:45 pm. i had just existed off of the east bound off ramp onto kathleen rd in lakeland fl, off of interstate 4 (i-4). when i noticed, a object while waiting for the light to change… as i began, to focus in on the object, it became evident that it wasn’t a plane, ballon, drone or helicopter but rather, something entirely different. i then, used my camera phone to capture this beautiful object, that was in the distance.. surprisingly enough, it was there one second and with in the blink of your eyes, gone the next… fortunately, i was able to get atleast one picture of this tiny object, before it disappeared entirely…. you can see, this amazing small object, by zooming in right above the turning lights, directly at the corner of the traffic light post above the truck in front of me.. there, you will see a green object in the distance directly above the left edge of the horizontal light post …. but this is the very 1st,of many to be shared .. this is but a foreshadow,of events to come…. on anygiven, night,the heavens are full of life.. we can see, what you cannot…Because,you are not, yet ready to see ??? truth out of season, will not be fruitful….

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