UFO Sighting in Mastic, New York on 2010-07-15 22:11:00 – Oval shaped, grey, colored light on bottom

I was getting ready to hook up my telescope for my usual night sky viewing. thr first thing i did is look to the east and south as usual, and the first i see is this object, grey in color, oval shaped, and on the bottom it had square shaped lights, not blinking. the colors of the lights were green, orange and yellow. the object was in low altitude, passing slowly ans heading south. this event lasted a few minutes. i did not report it st the time because i used to work for the state and did not want to look like i was going nuts. this is the third time that i have observed an unidentified object. i saw two others, one with my brother, and another with my brother in law.Although i have no photos, my memory is still very clear in what i witnessed. if needed, i can make s sketch of all objects witnessed and all directions they have headed.No camera was available or wan’t able to get to in time, at the times, as i was not looking for anything other than planets and stars, which has been a life long hobby of mine. i know my aircraft, and these were not normal aircraft unless they experimental.

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