UFO Sighting in Homedale, Idaho on 2016-11-04 21:00:00 – Looked like incredibly huge star with smaller star zig-zagging beside it that faded as it got close to huge star

I saw what looked like an incredibly huge and bright star, larger than any star i have ever seen. beside it i noticed what looked like a small star that weaved up and down, zig-zagging its way towards the huge star before fading away and disappearing just before it reached the big star. now i am a very logical and skeptical person so initially i just assumed my eyes were playing tricks on me or there was some kind of atmospheric distortion or something, so i made a mental note of it and went about my business. but then a few minutes later, i looked up in the sky where i had saw what i thought was the huge star, and both of the stars were gone. now this rattled me, because stars dont just disappear. thats when i realized that what i had seen was no star. i experienced a rush of adrenalin, and ran back in the house to tell my husband. im not saying that i think it was a flying saucer or anything like that, i dont know what i saw, but i do know that it was not natural or a normal part of the sky. something funny was going on that night and i just want to know what it was. ive always been very skeptical of ufo sightings, but what i saw seemed to defy the laws of nature, and quite frankly scared the crap out of me. if there is by chance some simple explanation for what i saw, i would sure like to know about it. thank you.

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