UFO Sighting in Redlands, California on 2016-11-04 21:37:00 – I watched an object rise from low to the ground all the way up into the sky until it hovered for a moment and disappeared

I went to my backyard and immediately noticed a bright light in the sky around the mountains and it appeared to be coming my way. it was pretty low but also pretty far away so i assumed it was a plane or a helicopter in the distance, especially since it appeared to blink ever so often.. i sat down and lost sight of it, only to then see it rising up over my fence. i scratched the idea it was a helicopter or a plane because it was moving too slowly and kinda straight up like. i thought oh wow i’m actually seeing the stars rise. but no, stars don’t rise like that and it was brighter than all the stars/planets i could see and while it was moving in a straight up fashion, everything else in the sky (minus the actual planes and helicopters) appeared still. i photographed the object while it was still pretty low. you can see a couple stars in the photo with the object. the object is super bright. after i took the photo i started recording. i recorded the object fly straight up into the sky. unfortunately my phone was going to die so i had to stop the video, but shortly after i did, it hovered over what was a star/planet and then it just disappeared. i felt like it stopped because it knew i saw it as ridiculous as that sounds. the only thing i could think it could’ve been is a drone with a bright light attached to it that maybe flew as high as it could before malfunctioning and crashing or losing its light, or maybe a rocket being sent to the space station (supplies or whatever), bt if it wasn’t one of those things then it had to be aliens or some advanced craft the general public isn’t privy too. whatever it was, i’ve lived by airports my whole life, i live near two now, and march air force base isn’t too far away, but i’ve never seen anything do what this object did. it was actually pretty terrifying.

the first uploaded file is the video, the second is a photo with a filter, it shows the light pole from my neighbors backyard better, and the object is the super bright dot toward the right bottom, and the last upload is the original photo

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