Black Triangle Sighting in Athens, New York on 2015-08-15 23:30:00 – Object brightened as if on a dimmer switch, then faded back down to appear as three normal stars in the sky before going out all together

My brother and i were in our families swimming pool when we suddenly observed three white lights in triangle formation brightening in the clear night sky just to the south of us, and completely stationary. they became extraordinarily bright i could not get a sense of depth perception to tell how far away the object was, not could i make it out. we heard nothing. the lights then faded down to the size of normal stars again, as if they were on a dimmer switch. they then went out all together, and what appeared to be a white commet then shot from that spot towards the eastern horrizon leaving a trail of red sparks which quickly burned out. within approximately ten minutes we then observed what appeared to be jet planes flying in a grid pattern at high altitude from east to west and back, and from south to north and back. they then eventually cleared and nothing further was observed.

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