The REAL Roswell UFO Cover-up!

The REAL Roswell UFO Cover-up!

     It looks as though the great Roswell Debate may not be posted on any time soon, if ever. That’s the only conclusion I can draw from the fact that I haven’t heard a thing from KGRA host Race Hobbs since this message, sent to me on October 18:
By Mark O’Connell

“I sure will (post a copy of the debate) as soon as our copy is done. Tea said he had a video guy recording the first part but not the last side of the debate, which I have recorded.

“We will let you know, Mark, and by the way, you did a really good job my man!”

Ok, I appreciate that, but it’s been a couple weeks now, and if the debate was in fact recorded, and if Race thinks I did such a kick-ass job debating Don Schmitt, why hasn’t it been posted anywhere yet? And why hasn’t Race responded to my follow-up email?

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