UFO Sighting in Aiken, South Carolina on 2016-11-02 17:42:00 – Close to the sun during sunset, looked like small vertical rainbow in glare of sunset

I was driving home at sunset heading directly into the sun, every night approx 45 min before sunset, the western sky is filled with chem trails hiding the sunset, i was wearing military grade sunglasses and did not put the cars sun visor down and right before sunset i saw a small vertical rainbow, i decided to take some pictures of it.

i saw it for about 20 minutes and pulled over to take more pictures, and the entire time the chem trails were still filling in every minute blue spot in the sky,

the western sunset was the only part of the sky with cloud cover, the chem trails were being formed not by aircraft but more like an aerosol propellant which dissipated when empty..
when i looked at the photos later that night i saw an object in the center of the rainbow that either reflected light or produced its own light and reflected off the hood of my car.
it stays equidistant from the sun and sets with the sun.

i tried to post this a few days ago but my internet service is not quick enough to upload all the pictures and uploading failed so this time i will only load two, and hopefully send the rest by several emails

what i thought was a small vertical rainbow had an object in the center and reflected light,

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