UFO Sighting in Brick, New Jersey on 2016-10-24 19:00:00 – Silent, plasma/fire ball across the sky almost over our heads. pulsating and rotating slightly changing size and shape. mostly a sphere though. very surreal. did some research and noticed there was a very similar sighting in pa, md and sc i believe.

Oct 24th 2016. brick nj on drump point rd. myself and two others were leaving work out of the back door. as i was about to lock the back door, i couldn’t remember a 100% if i had locked front doors. so i asked the one guy with us if he can go check. as he went in the lady i was with had said to me sounding startled. omg what’s that pointing up. when i looked up i saw a fire ball. coming from roughly the nw area. first thought was a ufo. as i have seen many videos and documentarys about sightings. i immediately remembered seeing other videos about the same thing i’m witnessing. as it comes closer i try and quickly grab my camera to record. as i get my phone out it it just about above us. watching on my phone while recording it looked more like a firey plasma ball rotating and pulsating wihile moving sort of se strait over head. no noise no trail no planes or helicopters. the sky seems silent. there were some clouds in the sky not to many. besides, this object was well underneath the clouds. as the object was just about out of view the guy who checked the doors comes back out. as the girl and i are starring up in total shock and awe on what we saw. he was only able to see the last few seconds. it was a very peaceful , beautiful and surreal moment. i myself am and always have been a believer that something else has to be out there. i just wish i would see more things like i did that night.

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