UFO Sighting in Costa Mesa, California on 1985-10-25 00:00:00 – Two friends and i saw a huge ufo floated almost directly above us near john wayne airport.

Approximately at 10 pm, two friends and i were leaving comedy club
heading east towards pacific coast highway (pch), just south of john wayne airport (orange county california). i was driving nissan truck with one seat. almost approaching pch, we had clear view of airport. all 3 of us noticed strange object floating with bright colors emitting from it just south of and very near airport.

it just caught our attention because of the way it was behaving. not moving like normal aircraft. i asked “is that a helicopter?”. by this time, we are at pch. so i stopped at light and turned off radio, while we watched object come towards us. it approached at slow speed and kind of floated and wavered. we were excited and scared at the same time. asking “what f is that?” i mean we were freaking out but couldn’t take our eyes off it. we just stayed in the truck at the intersection in utter amazement while watching the event unfold.
there was no other traffic around so we were by ourselves. the craft eventually almost directly floated over us. it was huge. i would say about 100 to 150 ft long. it was an elongated diamond shape with extraordinarily bright lights of varying colors emitting from it. it did not affect the vehicle in any way because i left, of course, truck running. it was eerily silent which made it more frightening.
the ufo then floated over to the coast and just hovered in the same place. in a couple of minutes, two fighter jets coming from the south up the coast heading towards ufo. when the jets got close enough for them, i guess. in a split second, the ufo went way up in the sky, looked like almost leaving atmosphere and stopped. the ufo left like a tracer light behind it so we could follow it with our eyes. stopped for a couple seconds then went off into space. made the jets look like little toys.

one of the people that was there, is a friend that i grew up with and known since 8th grade. he was also roommate. when we got back to apartment in newport beach, my brother and other friends were there.
we were all amped up and told the story to them, not sure we were believed. the other occupant of truck was in denial and didn’t want to talk about it. in fact, said “i didn’t see anything”. i honestly didn’t know what to do. i wanted to report it but at that time in the mid 80’s, had no idea who to report it to. i was in early 20’s myself and kind of shy. i almost called the orange county register but my friends didn’t want to back me up. so i lost my nerve… i checked paper and watched news for the next couple of weeks and there was no reports on it at all. while i realize this will be almost impossible to verify, it feels good to write this down and report it. it’s a relief.

this sighting definitely had an impact on my life and certainly opened my eyes to new idea’s and belief systems.

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