UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on 2016-11-06 14:30:00 – Orb passed 150-200ft overhead and abruptly stopped overhead for 3-4 seconds, then proceeded on same path (no noise)

I was putting my pool cover on the pool for the winter and was just enjoying the sky as it was cloudless with almost no breeze/wind. something caught me eye just over my house and i thought it was a white bag floating in the air. then i thought it really looked very spherical, like the dandelion seeds you see in the air. then i thought that this thing is not a bag as it went at the same speed over my house at about and at the same elevation for 5-10 seconds (elevation was about 200ft and constant). i also noted there was no breeze or wind which got me thinking, ok, if this isn’t a bag and looks like a sphere, what is it, why doesn’t it stop. at this point i kid you not, it stopped over my head instantly. stayed stationary for 3-4 seconds, then went on again at the same speed, height and direction as before. i watched it go over the road and down towards some fields. i lost site if it after 15-20 seconds after it stopped. i’m still not sure what it was, but that was definitely odd.

it was probably the size of a basketball, a perfect sphere, translucent, but seem to have something in the middle of it (like a haze inside a transparent balloon). it moved at a constant speed and height. i also noted there was nothing else in the air at that time, nor for the next hour around my house.

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