UFO Sighting in Lehighton, Pennsylvania on 2016-11-07 00:00:00 – Heard what i related to bombs going off so went outside to look around seen odd triangle by moon but didnt see how crazy till i looked at pic

around six pm nov 7 2016 i was in my shed doing things started hearing small explosions for a few hours possible gunfire also than nine ten oclock the mother of explosions like a missle hit so i ran in the house from shed alerting family and girl agreed was oddly loud we than heard a house shaker and i went out immediately takeing notice to a greenish orb or lit sphere directly behind me about thousand feet up miles away i than lost sight turning to the moon seen an unfamiliar coupkle of stars that i know weren’t stars because i look up a lot especially at the moon, i took a few photo went back in seen something i felt was intrigueing so spiraticly over the course of a few hours i went out took photos even though i visually wasn’t seeing anything i sensed them i than put camera on burst mode and that’s wher the strangest thing appeared it looked as if it was stone it seemed to shape shift gradually and in some shots it almost looks like a creature of somesort or the stone faced statues typicly built by the myan possibly inca im just blown away also the boomerang ,triangle,chevron shaped bright reflective craft and the dumbbell were kinda strange just casually doin ther thing it looked to me like giant birdlike craft and all moveing moonward at a lower altitude of the moon… the stone figure seemed out of control with its patterns it was bobing down up forward backward accending forward though at the same time.. i did speak with a friend who informed me of a military style engagement between a guy we know a survivorilist x marine who lives secluded on a farm and has many weaoponry as far as details on that my girl snapped cus i was going to be briefed and i decided to abort going to find out exactly what the situation actually was but ther was a rather constant exchange of explosions, id say missle ,grenade launcher something to that affect def fifty cal. and several other rifle ,and small arms.. im blown away this has me stunned after i fell asleep the next night cus i was up due to this my girl said she heard gunfire really close and was afraid it would wake me and id be bird doggin , myy term so than last night im watching the election around 1am and i was startled b a loud real close huge gun maybe fifty call rifle it was across the road within a hundred yards down the road a lil and this gunfire went on once every five min for the first hour than around six within a minute id say…. i went outside to see if i could see any disruption i did see faint light occasionally behind the clouds but nothing concrete to say.. the man i spoke of earlier is infatuated with the moon has a very expensive telescope he reviews the moon and mountains near his home the appalation mountains, ive seen aircraft photo ,video, transparent alien entity he has documented and shortly after i started i feel being aware of them watched communicated with i also have a lot of photos on my phone of alien entity that look to me as reptilian , greys, small, and tall, and hybrid human alien my phone just had around three hundred pictures on it one morning of all type of blurry ghostly alien and all in under three mins which a person could not do and burst of about 100 same pic my phone only took burst of 8 i think so ther it is if your interested id like to pic your brain as much as you want mine an interdimensional entity site on fb says i was prob abducted and i act had a weird black stone like in my chest when i pulled it out from the surface it was attached to a nerve weird i dropped it and was pissed i couldn’t confirm what it was also i had a night terror one night right before the camera showed photo i seen three short glowing child sized beings standing hologrammish by my bed and than they just disapered ……

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