UFO Sighting in Oviedo, Florida on 2014-08-01 00:00:00 – I saw a disc above my house while i was standing in my drive way with my son.

Okay i guess i’ll start by saying i saw this disc shaped object floatong above my drive way about 50 to 100 ft above my home. this case is a little wierd because i think it happen post abduction. i dont rememeber seeing it arrive or leave.. all i can remember is holding my son in my hands (about 3yrs old at the time) and looking up and stareing at it with out being scared at all. almost frozen like i was being claimed down in some way. it was pretty big… about the size of small home is the best i can discibe it. it had a white arua like light in the shape of a sphere underneath it i think it was a power source of some kind but i dont know for sure. color was gun metal grey.. dull flat color. thats about all i can really remember about the disc. hope thats enough for now.

as far as the greys go i remember a lot more about them in my home.

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