Cattle Mutilations are “still” occurring across the country!

cattle mutilation picture

( Picture courtesy rancher from older mutilation case. )

Investigating Cattle Mutilations or otherwise known as,  Animal Mutilations, can be difficult at times, especially if the ranchers won’t speak with you in detail, or they occur outside of your state. This was the case with four mutilations which occurred this year, one here in Colorado, and three in other states. The picture above is similar to what all four animal mutilations looked like; all four lying on their left side, all four having similar facial damage on the right side of the head, and all four completely drained of blood.

In the case of the three ranchers, (one of them having two mutilations), one decided not to speak with me in detail, and the other two wouldn’t give me permission to post their information in detail and pictures on my website. Why? Well one of two answers could be the cause; “The Giggle Factor” or the “Fear Factor”.

  • The Giggle Factor is when a rancher is made fun of or ridiculed by the media and/or by people who have no ranching experience. Generally people within or outside the media who can’t deal with a situation they can’t fully understand or explain, sometimes makes jokes or pokes fun at the ranchers, or people involved. This type of humiliation can effect not only the rancher’s business, but also relationships inside and outside their family.
  • The Fear Factor is when the rancher is concerned the outcome of speaking with an investigator or media, could cause future harm to their animals or even their family. Since they have no idea who the responsible party is and have never experienced an animal death like this before, they are simply afraid to speak to anyone.

I’ve had cases in which members of the rancher’s family are now afraid to go outside at night in areas where the mutilations have occurred.

Now since I won’t give details about the last four mutilations I’ve investigated, I will share some basic information while stepping, but not crossing over, the proverbial line of trust between me and these three ranchers.

New Policy: From this point on, any future Animal Mutilation investigation I invest my personal time in, the rancher will be informed their investigation will be posted on this website. Obviously I will redact any personal information and location at the rancher’s request, but their mutilation case will be posted.

(If they still want my help.)

It’s important for me to know about these mutilation cases and it’s important for me to try and help the ranchers involved; but it’s also equally important for me to release this information on my website to inform other ranchers and also create public awareness about this strange phenomenon.

I charge no fees for any type of investigation I do, or any personal time involved.

July 13th, 2016 Northwest Colorado, the rancher found an adult Black Angus female estimated four years old, weighing 1000 pounds, lying dead on her left side. The right side of her head was stripped of flesh from just beneath the eye down to the lower jaw bone. The tongue was cut out and no signs of bleeding-out were noticed. There were no signs of cause of death, and no signs the animal struggled to survive. It appeared the animal was just placed there.

I was able to acquire basic information about this animal, before the rancher stopped all correspondence with me. Possibly the  “Giggle Factor” or the “Fear Factor” was the reason?

September 1st, 2016, I was contacted by a rancher in Nevada who lost two animals under previous similar circumstances.

Animal 1 August 25th: A five year old female Beefmaster approximately 1100 pounds was found lying on her left side with severe cutting on her right facial side, missing tongue, and anal area cored out. There were no signs of cause of death, there was no blood pooling around the animal, and no signs the animal struggled to survive. It appeared the animal was placed at the location it was found.

Animal 2 August 31st: A 16 month old Beefmaster Bull approximately 1000 pounds was found lying on his left side with similar damage compared to the previous mutilation. Severe precise cutting on the right facial side, tongue missing, but also perfect cookie cutter incisions in the scrotum area.

No signs of either human or animal predator evidence was seen nearby both animal’s location.

Interesting Notes: Both animals were found by a water source, one by a stream and the other near a water trough. The week of August 25th, strange balls of light were seen 15 miles North of the ranch. A group of four balls of light were spotted flying in a straight line formation traveling towards the East. One year prior in 2015 in the late fall, a large ball of light was seen by the rancher hovering over one of their fields. The sighting lasted 6 to 7 minutes when the single ball of light split into multiple balls of lights, and shot off in the night sky, towards the West.

September 28th, 2016: I was contacted by a rancher located in Wisconsin about a strange animal death on their property. The rancher found one of their cows, a four year old, 1100 pound female Holstein lying dead on her left side. Once again compared to the other previous noted rancher’s animals, this one had similar facial lacerations on the right side from just below the eye, clean-cut down to the lower jaw line. The tongue was missing and there was no signs of cause of death or large amounts of blood pooling nearby. This animal was facing towards the West and showed no signs of struggle and appeared to have been placed at that location. No scuff marks, no kicking, no signs of bullet holes, claw marks, nor even cow footprints leading up to the carcass at that location. The rancher also had turned the animal over for inspection, but no other damage was noticed on the opposite side.


Four animals were found mutilated within a three month period in three different states, all exhibiting the same type of facial lacerations and missing tongues. All four animals were found lying on their left side, and all four animals were facing in an Eastern/Western or Western/Eastern, direction.

All four animals were within a 1000 pound weight, with no signs of bleeding, no signs of struggling, and no signs of cause of death. An average size cow will have around 10 to 14 gallons of blood based on 8% of their body weight, so any type of out-bleeding caused by a wound, would be highly noticeable. Previous cases have shown the animal’s blood had been removed before the incisions were made. Also, all mutilation cases appear to show the animals were taken from their grazing location A, to a location B where blood was removed and incisions were made, then brought to location C, which is near the vicinity of location A.

Strange balls of lights were seen at one ranch location, but not at the other two. No helicopters were seen before or after the mutilations, and no unusual ground anomalies were noticed.

One ranch had experienced a similar mutilation years before, but couldn’t give any details. Another rancher had heard about a similar mutilation in their area years before, but couldn’t give details.

Conclusion? The Mutilation phenomenon has been going since the first one was recorded in the late 1800s, and it hasn’t stopped! In the US since the 1967 Snippy the Horse case, over 10,000 cases (plus these new ones) have been recorded. Out of the 10,000 cases in which law enforcement has investigated, no human evidence has ever been found, no animal cause of death has been ever been found, which means no-one has ever been tried and convicted for these types of animal deaths. Numerous rewards have been placed by ranchers, ranch associations and even animal protective organizations, yet no one has ever collected the reward for finding the culprit.

This is the largest Animal Cruelty Cold Case if not in the United States, but the World!

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