UFO Sighting in Greensburg, Indiana on 2015-11-09 19:00:00 – Looked up while driving and saw 3 orbs of yellowish light in triangle formation hovering then fade away then 1 reapered and shot across the sky with incredible speed

Me and my friend were going to my house from his we were listening to loud music. i then saw a light in the corner of my eye then at the same time we both said dude look! i saw three bbright lights in a triangle formation, they were their for about 3 seconds then vanished after that another light appeared on the other side of the road then shot away in a beam of light. right away me and my buddy knew they were not planes or helicopters. we also notticed a lot of air trrafic and military helicopters afterwards. i then called my dad to tell him what happened and the first thaing he said to me was “did you see them to”! i was exicted that soneone else seen them to. i asked around and had a toatal of 5 witnesses.

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