UFO Sighting in Petersburg, Tennessee on 2016-11-09 17:50:00 – Disc shaped light, with black rectangular object at bottom of disc

I was driving toward my destination on a country road. the sky was dark and i look at the sky, moon, and stars habitually. this object was large and brightly lit. at first i thought something like the space station was coming close to earth. the object hovered over a hill for a period of time, while i was driving. then i finally stopped in the road to take a better look. object continued to hover for maybe half a minute then started moving in a westerly direction. i started driving (westerly) to find someone else to look at object. about 3 miles later , at country store, i stopped, went in, asked clerk to come out and look. she saw object also but object was traveling much faster and was quite a distance away. i drove 1/4 mile to my intended destination, got out of my car, and object was very far away, continuing to travel in southwesterly direction. lost sight of it as it went over horizon, range of hills.

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