UFO Sighting in Sidney, Michigan on 2016-10-19 04:00:00 – I need help, really would like answers. it happened so fast

My dog was really sick about a month ago, and because of his medicine he needed to be let outside almost hourly. it was nearing 4 am when i heard him whining so i slipped on my shoes and hooked him up on the leash outside. while my dog sniffed around the yard, i noticed the moon was super bright so i opened up my snapchat app to take a picture to post on my public story. the second i took that picture, a huge red ball appeared in the sky and my dog turned around barking. by the time i looked up from my phone. the only thing i saw that wasn’t on the screen was a red flash that lit up the sky. it didn’t flash in a path like way like i’ve heard so many times with ufo sightings. there was a ball. then the whole sky was red. it was so bright, and so unusual, i grabbed my dog and brought him inside before taking a look on my phone. i caught the ball of light right before it went away. since this day last month, my dogs illness took a turn for the worst and unfortunately he was put down monday. ever since this one memory has been burned in my brain. i’m reaching out for help, i don’t know what i saw. i have had family members calling me a liar, saying the ball was just my cameras flash but the flash wasn’t even on and the bright red sky didn’t happen until a split second after the picture was taken. maybe there is some explanation. i am unsure. but it’s left me confused and even scared. i am surrounded by farms and corn fields, stuff like this doesn’t happen often.

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