Black Triangle Sighting in Florida on 2016-11-11 00:00:00 – Hovvered near us1-seabranch, may have landed, hovvered again, headed toward ocean.

I was on my way to circle k to get cigarettes around 3 am when i saw a weird shadow looking thing high in the sky where i live in hobe sound, florida. i watched it and noticed it was moving, descending, as it got lower i could clearly make out it was a very dark triangle shape, at this point i saw no lights, just the dark triangle. i pulled my car over to try and figure out what i’m seeing and a few seconds later three lights were suddenly on, blueish whiteish, at each point of the triangle, at this point i’m freaking out, i have my phone with me so i grab it to take a video but it wont work. the screen was kind of scrambled and then it just turned itself off. i didnt feel threatened or anything but i was kind of freaking out, at this point it’s at treetop level, and very close, hovvering over seabranch blvd. i was sitting on the side of the us1 and seabranch intersection by the shopping centerwatching it hovver for about a minute before i remembered i had a pair of binoculars in my car that i used at the air show that was here last weekend. i grab them, get out of my car and look through them toward the triangle, there were windows but they were very dark. i could see two entitys, stationary, maybe the pilots? they looked very human, but at the same time, very not human. i couldn’t make out a skin tone exactly but from what i could see, they looked very very very pale. the triangle then ascended and then hovvered maybe 500 feed or so above the trees. it then began to slowly head south and i got back in my car and started to follow. the craft was going very slowly, i was driving about 20mph to keep up with it from a distance, i didnt feel threatened but i also didn’t want to be noticed. i followed for about a mile when suddenly the lights on the craft went out, i could still see the craft, just not the lights. at that point my radio got very loud and sounded like all the stations were skipping between eachother, a few seconds later my car died. just completely stopped. i looked back over in the direction i last saw the triangle and it was gone. i got out of my car and looked all around and i couldnt find it. my car then turned back on its own. i don’t know what i saw but i know it was not a human craft, and it was not piloted by human pilots.

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