UFO Sighting in Roswell, New Mexico on 2016-10-24 00:00:00 – Driving from albuquerque to carlsbad, stopped at red light-very large, bright, low object (long,rectangular w triangle front or back)coming straight at us, it stopped right over our truck and when i looked out back to see it again, it was gone.

My husband and i were driving from albuquerque to carlsbad and stopped in roswell to grab a bite to eat and continue on our way. after eating (well after sunset) we headed back on the main road out of town. stopping at a red light, behind a couple cars, in our truck(vehicles all around us) we both noticed and said out loud the object that was coming straight towards us from the dark sky. in the two weeks prior we had seen “lights” in the sky (around albuquerque) and thought this was going to be the same, nope. this one was huge in comparison to the far away sightings we had seen before and close! i didn’t have time to take out my camera or to think really because i didn’t want to miss what was happening. the object had lights on all ends, the front(or back) was more triangular with bright white lights, the back(or front) which was closest to us was more rounded but still triangular and had bright red, green and blue lights shining down. it was larger than our truck, appeared to be a solid object and appeared out of “nowhere” and coming straight towards us. i didn’t know what i thought it was and after speaking with my husband later he described he thought maybe an optical illusion but then dismissed it right away because i was at a different view point and there was no mistaking it was an object of sorts, not just lights from reflections. so we first noticed it being about no more than 20 feet in front of us about eye level, it slowly and at the same time quickly moved right to us and then stopped/hovered right over top of our truck, i thought i would be able to look out the back window and continue to follow its motion, but it was no where in sight when i did and at the same time the traffic light was turning green (husband was driving) and we started driving forward. i felt like numb, like did that really just happen and where did the thing go? also, i didn’t have time to think in the moment, but later wondered, did the other cars see it too?? they must have. my husbands accounts of what occurred are right in line with everything that happened. i felt like it could have been a dream, but it was definitely real life. all this happened over the span of maybe 5-7 seconds and then everything was normal (ish) again. this was not the first experience i’ve had but definitely the strangest and one worth reporting, i hope to have some light (no pun intended) shed on what happened that night. i must also say that on our trip home the following night we did see a black helicopter carrying something large underneath it- it was too far in the distance to fully capture and i was exhausted of thinking by that point. i don’t know where that was or what time and is not the original report, just had to mention. thank you!

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