UFO Sighting in Arcadia, Florida on 1964-08-10 00:00:00 – We stopped at intersection. it approached from west. hovering just above our 63 chev convertable. huge irregular shaped object w/o sound. projected beams to ground around us

there were two of us (friends) from mid-indiana, vacationing in florida. we had just left my grandfathers house in cleveland, florida around 11:30 pm to travel north on hwy 17 to arcadia. it was a quiet drive with little to no traffic. approximately halfway to arcadia we came to a stop sign. it was a rural setting, around midnight. while stopped, a very large structured mass began to slowly block out the sky above. slowly travelling from west to east, we were able to view it from a ‘bottom/side’ angle. out of fear, we turned off our lights to avoid being seen by whatever we were witnessing. i remember comparing its’ size to that of our high school fieldhouse. how could something that enormous not have a sound? its’ shape and closness to the ground ruled out some type of balloon. at the time we figured we could throw a rock and hit it. the irregular shape was supported by tiny varying-colored lights which look like little “porches” or dents in the structure. the ground to our west was illuminated by ‘spot lights’ coming from the craft. i remember we decided we needed to quickly leave the area leaving our lights off (to this day i regret that). personally, i have never experienced that level of fear. we continued rush to my destination (a family i knew from years past). they let me use their phone to call macdill airforce base in tampa. they said they had similar reports in that area three days prior.
a little background: college degree, science teacher, commercial pilot rating, airborne/ranger vietnam, owner: driving academy. religion: christian

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