UFO Sighting in Davie, Florida on 2016-11-12 11:25:00 – Black dot/object flying in a straight line

I was waiting for my traffic light to change and as i looked up i happened to see a black object passing very high in the sky in front of me going sw to nw. i was facing west waiting for my traffic light. the object looked like a black dot in the sky. there were no sounds, no lights, no trails on the object. it was to high to be a drone. no wings flapping/or movement, therefore, not a bird. as i was watching the object there was an airplane flying (orange like color on airplane, but i could not make out the airline) following the landing path towards ft. lauderdale/hollywood international airport. i’m including the landing/arrival schedule for the flights in hope that someone else saw this object from the airplane. i also included a map showing an “x” for my location, the word airplane showing the airplane location, and the path of the object. i didn’t get a change to take a picture because my traffic light changed and i didn’t think it would have come out on the picture because it was so far.

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