UFO Sighting in Middletown, Ohio on 2016-11-10 19:10:00 – Looked like party balloons with glowsticks inside. moved to fast and glow was to bright.

Looked like party balloons with glowsticks inside.(upside down teardrop) one was white the other was green. moved in a straight line green following white. not sure how far away do to clear dark skys and not backround reference. at first thought was less then 100 yrds away. must have been farther because it went behind tree that was about 100 yards away. watched it move away and it went to a point and then could not see it anymore. still a bright glow even at a point. made no sounds. watched for awhile after event and watched lots of commurcial planes at much higher altitude. i could hear most of the planes.
might have been party balloons but to me they moved to fast with no wiggle from and wind. if not balloons than i have no idea what they were.

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