Black Triangle Sighting in Indiana on 2016-11-12 16:14:00 – I was looking at the sky around 410-415 when a star-like object coming from south going north caught my eye i at first thought it was a helicopter descending but was odd bc there was no sound at that time i seen what appeared to be 3 objects coming from

I was looking at the sky around 415 when i seen this bright orange star like over the horizon coming from the south going north i thought it was a helicopter at first but found it quite odd to have no sound being as low as it was when out of no where to the 4oclock position of that orange object was another orangish light with what appeared to be atleast 3 objects coming out of that light and going back to it all had a white light moved along the horizon north until it got into my straight line of view and then the bottom object ascended above that one single obal like that one that was above had control over it. i got a couple pics and a video in the video you can see a white orb coming above the tree line at bottom right to left

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