16 April 1954
(Centralian Advocate, Alice Springs, Australia)
Source: Trove, National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT, Australia
The whole article:
“It took the skill of ‘witch doctors,’ and the old men of the tribe to calm down aborigine Sonny who claims that he was almost swept from his horse by a ‘flying saucer’ recently.
Further news of the Santa Teresa saucer incident which took place on March 17 (1954) reached Alice this week, when Mr. Arthur Pope arrived in town. Sonny, who says a ‘thing’ like a big ball with a tail flew near him as he rode over a ridge, worked for Mr. Pope.
It is reported that when Sonny, panic stricken and inarticulate, rode into Santa Teresa, the old men had to work on him for a while before he could talk.
Mr. Pope says that there seems little doubt that the native saw something very strange. He points out that the South Australian ‘flying umbrella’ had the same glassy appearance described by Sonny.
Three more reports of strange sky happenings have been received by the ‘Advocate.’ A brightly coloured object was seen to streak from the heavens and disappear with a loud report followed by a rumbling noise near Hatches Creek recently. A visitor at Carmichael’s Tourist Court heard something fly overhead, low, and at a terrific speed. Another, unconfirmed sighting of a ‘saucer’ has been reported just south of town.”

Santa Teresa is located 68 kilometres (42 miles) southwest of Alice Springs.

Santa Teresa can be found at these coordinates (Google Earth):
24° 7’41.26″S 134°22’35.84″E.

Satellite photo of Alice Springs, Australia (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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