UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on 2016-11-07 17:55:00 – I thought, that’s not an airplane.There’s 2.Think it’s changing shape.I’m hallucinating looking at pics)

On my way to do groceries, i noticed something in sky, too big & bright to be an airplane. i parked facing the light in the sky. i thought, that’s not an airplane. then i noticed a smaller one to the left, both hovering together. i began filming. while filming, it looked as though it was getting brighter and changing shape. i switched to photo and zoomed in. i said to myself “i think i’m hallucinating.” and clicked a bunch of pics in a row. i don’t know if it’s just me, but in the video where the larger light on the right, stops hovering and steers off to the left, it looks to me like it changes from a light to, i don’t know what, but it’s light starts to look like the flashing lights of an airplane. the other light hung around for a few min more, but i didn’t think to zoom in on it. i just clicked pics till it just “poof” was no longer there.

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