UFO Sighting in Port Hardy, British Columbia on 2016-06-30 00:00:00 – Went to watch a movie, seen light coming from window, started humming and buzzing, turned into feeling, became paralyzed, light shawn through window, seen grey standing by my front door, woke up on the ship, moved and pushed one alien, another poked me

1. i was at my home 207 creekside apartments, i was lieing down and starting a movie. it was around midnight.
2. i first noticed the object when i noticed light flooding in from my window it was at the back of the building where there is nothing but woods and is usually pitch black, unless the cops are looking for someone back there!
3. i thought the object was the pigs taking someone out and arresting them, and that the lights were their headlights.
4-5. i only noticed the light and a star like dot emitting a white light with the hint or red. then a buzzing-hum started that became a paralyzing feeling, when it was about to completely paralyze me i looked around the living room which was lite up and seen a tall slendor grey alien by my front door. they than took me up and i founf myself on a table. with something above me that illuminated me. i noticed the alien in my room was their he was standing to my left. i sat up which took a lot of effort, this seemed to startle them. i put my hand on the things shoulder scared asking what they were doing to me, when an alien to my right jabbed me with a long needle like object which caused an extreme pain whenever i tried to move throughout my whole body. i pushed the alien i had my hands on and it fell back onto a ledge or a table i could not see. then the pain in my body from the needle increased, and i blacked out.
6.I never seen them leave i found myself back on my couch the documentary of an hour was over and my ps3 which has an auto off had turned itself off

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